New Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective

International Coatings Company introduces its new Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective direct print ink.

The ink combines the appearance of a superior silver metallic shimmer during daylight hours with the enhanced visibility of a reflective ink when exposed to a direct light source in low light situations.

“Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective was developed specifically in response to customer demand for a reflective ink that appears more opaque in regular light, yet has similar night-time reflective capabilities as our Optilux 505 product”, said Steve Kahane, President of International Coatings. The Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective has a solid silver-shimmer like appearance and reflects just as brightly as the Optilux™ 505 product.

“All of our Optilux Reflectives contain innovative microscopic glass beads that reflect light similar to a mirror, thus making Optilux the brightest reflective product in the market. The retro-reflectivity of the product is best displayed when a garment printed with Optilux is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight. The glass beads then reflect or return light back to the light source.”

Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective can be used as a unique decorative tool as well as to increase the night-time visibility of a printed design. Letters or designs can be outlined or highlighted, or ‘hidden’ motifs can be incorporated that only become visible in a darkened environment. The design possibilities are as endless as the artist’s imagination. The ink can be printed as is, or even printed on top of other colors.