Industry news
Allessandra Borghi, Commercial Director Kiian.

Kiian has achieved accreditation to the Gots; Oeko-Tex and Clear to Wear certification schemes for a range of its aqueous screen printing textile inks.

In response to the increase in demand for sustainable ink, Kiian has also updated the second edition of the Kiian Modular System publication, which enables Kiians customers to better meet the needs of the end user. Alessandra Borghi, Commercial Director, Kiian, explains, “At Kiian, we have extended our commitment to sustainable production by gaining the approval of Gots and by complying with the world leading eco-certification standards/RSL for textile.”

“Kiian ink products are increasingly being used for printing on the world’s largest clothing and retail brands, so by gaining independent validation of our sustainable inks, we are increasing the quality and value of the finished item.”

Clothing brands and retailers

Consumer clothing brands and retailers are transforming their production standards to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets. This naturally affects the production of clothing and the suppliers and products that are part of the production supply chain. Leaders such as Nike, Puma, M&S, Gap and H&M are on track to reach tough carbon neutral targets, and this has dramatically increased the pressure on textile producers and decorators for more sustainable production.

“By helping textile printers to source the right ink that is of the best possible sustainable quality, that is verified by highly respected independent accreditation schemes, Kiian is taking yet another step forward in helping our customers to improve their sustainable and commercial performance.”