Screen Printing

All-over screen printing press

A new All-Over Screen Printing Press and Retrofit Kit from Vastex International provide complete coverage of T-shirts, banners, signs, flags and other large items, including those with seams.

The All-Over Pallet, whose parallel sides measure 69 and 102 cm by 81 cm deep, is trapezoidal to fit short sleeve shirts up to men’s extra large, and to allow six-station presses to accommodate multiple pallets without crashing of inside corners. The pallets are covered with a 6.4 mm thick sheet of neoprene foam, allowing printed images to span garment seams with little or no distortion.

The Heavy Duty Print Head is extra wide and ruggedly built, providing the extreme stiffness needed to rigidly secure screens up to 127 square as required for many types of oversize printing. It also omits the micro-registration feature of standard Vastex print heads since all-over printing is generally one color; the entire shirt is typically placed on top of the pallet with no adhesive between fabric layers, precluding multicolor registration.

The All-Over Pallet and Heavy Duty Print Head Kit can be added to any Vastex heavy duty HD-Series one-to-six colour screen printing press in roughly five minutes with two bolts for each, or can be ordered complete with a three-leg, Heavy Duty Floor Stand.

The All-Over Pallet can be switched with a sleeve, leg, hat or any other pallet for use with the Heavy Duty Print Head or a Vastex General Purpose Print Head.