New transfer films at FESPA

WEB_POLI-FLEX_TURBO_Trikot_01Poli-Tape will present its innovations at FESPA 2018 in Berlin. This year there is a special focus on solutions for avoiding dye-migration and board marks in the field of Textile Graphics. Besides the products Poli-Flex Turbo, Poli-Flex Blockout Soft and Turbo Print, Poli-Tape will also present an extended assortment in the field of digital printing media.

The products Poli-Flex Turbo, Poli-Flex Blockout Soft and Turbo Print 4036 belong to a new generation of textile transfer films which are equipped with a new hotmelt adhesive and thereby can be transferred quickly and carefully. The product have a transfer temperature of 130°C and a transfer time of 5 seconds. At FESPA Poli-Tape will show the extended color range of Poli-Flex Turbo for the first time.

WEB_PT_Blockout_SoftPoli-Flex Blockout Soft is additionally supplied with a blockout interlayer and offers a higher certainty against dye-migration combined with a improved feel. Another advantage of the new hotmelt adhesive is that it can be applied onto many impregnated surfaces.

The product range of quick transfer films is completed by the shortly available Turbo Print Blockout 4010, a printable textile film with the characteristics of a low melting adhesive and a highly effective barrier coat against dye-migration.