Award Winning Brother GTX Printer

WEB_Brother Fespa H_Rupperath+J_Haan

During this year’s FESPA in Berlin Brother won the award for the Best Direct-To-Garment Printer for the new GTX Printer. The award was given by the European Digital Press Association and the Technical Committee.

Brother demonstrated at the show a lot of tools  as well as the fully automated pretreatment line from Schulze.

Brother Industrial showcased many highlights of direct-to-garment printing during the show. This was Brother’s second show – after CTCO in Lyon – with their new and price-winning DTG Printer. The new GTX printer is equiped with high-speed industrial printheads made by Brother. Brother showed the maintenance of the machine as well as the inks.

People could see a lot of tools on their booth –such as the projector and camera system. These tools help to optimise one’s own production and reduce misprints caused by the operator. Another highlight was the RIP software tool offered by Brain Industries. Combined with ‘Search & Execute’ this software allows both small and high-volume productions to automise their production by using barcode-based solutions.

High-volume producers were highly interested by the fully automated Pretreatment Line from Schulze enabling one single operator to pretreat up to 300 garments per hour. In 2019, Brother will take part in FESPA again.