Kornit Digital at Fespa 2018

Allegro NBKornit Digital unveiled a new direct-to-garment product and demonstrated end-to-end digital textile production at Fespa Global Print Expo. The show also marked the official availability of Allegro Neon inks and of the ColorGATE Textile Production Server for Kornit.

Kornit’s exhibit was designed around two focus themes: in the direct-to-garment printing area, Kornit demonstrated how the company’s HD technology expands digital printing’s competitiveness against screen printing, both in terms of cost per print and in terms of print quality. The key solution in this area will be the Kornit Avalanche HD. The system will be driven by the ColorGate Textile Production Server and will be connected to a web-to-print ordering workflow.

In the direct-to-fabric section of the booth, the company showed an end-to-end production workflow, based on the Kornit Allegro single-step printing system equipped with Neon inks. The setup was complemented by a Zünd digital cutting system, and a sewing stage, producing finished pieces from the fully cured fabrics coming from the Allegro. The 3D visualization and CAD stage was handled by Assyst GmbH and their Vidya product.

Avalanche HD6
The Avalanche HD6 is a high-productivity direct-to-garment printing system which is especially popular with online printers and global production networks. This printer is equipped with Kornit’s HD print engine and NeoPigmentTM Rapid ink. The Avalanche HD6 will reduce the ink consumption by approximately 45% compared to previous, non-recirculating versions of the Avalanche. Another major benefit of the HD technology is the refined hand feel and quality of the printed product.

ColorGATE Textile Production Server
Kornit partnered with ColorGATE for the ColorGATE Textile Productionserver (TPS). This has been tailored to the Kornit settings and added to the Kornit offering. Besides a general improvement in print quality, applications include color matching between digital and screen printing and color consistency between repeat orders. Technical support and training will be delivered by Kornit, with the ColorGATE support available at the back end.

Kornit Allegro_Neon fashion_02Kornit Allegro with Neon inks
Kornit’s Allegro roll-to-roll digital textile printer uses Kornit’s NeoPigmentTM printing technology that completely eliminates pre- and post-treatment processes for both natural and synthetic fabrics. The Kornit Allegro eliminates the need for multiple steps of pre-press and post press treatments, thereby saving on energy, water, space, and labor. The Allegro eliminates the entry barrier to the digital fabric printing market which is currently addressable only by manufacturers with industrial grade printing facilities.

During Fespa Berlin, Kornit demonstrated the live production of tailor-made textile accessories. Visitors were able to see the Allegro printing with Kornit’s new Neon inks. The new Pink and Yellow inks enable new applications with brighter colors and extended gamut, allowing Allegro users to penetrate new market segments and to increase system utilization.