New TexJet echo²

Polyprint S.A announced the launch of its brand-new TexJet echo² dtg printer. The successor of the TexJet echo dtg printer comes with improved print quality, new options to best fit different customer needs and three years limited warranty. This makes it the ideal choice for start-ups and small businesses that want to scale-up. The first official launch took place simultaneously in the USA and Europe by Polyprint’s official distributors Ryonet and Amaya Sales UK respectively.


Aside from introducing a new dtg printer to the market, Polyprint also decided it was time to reintroduce themselves. Rebranding signals the start of a new era. ‘We wanted to stay true to our name – with a subtle hint of Greece” said creative director George Vouliotis. Polyprint is a hybrid word deriving from the Greek poly-, “many” + print and indicates the plethora of capabilities in printing solutions that Polyprint can offer. The foundation of this is investing in strengthening the R&D department which significantly increases the capability to design and develop new advanced products, starting with TexJet echo². “The new dtg printer is characterized by its ease of use and maintenance and is designed to offer the highest print quality for the lowest cost per print” according to George Vouliotis..

Furthermore, Polyprint introduced a new strategic approach by offering a wide range of options to customize TexJet echo². Such options include different ink types, pre-treatment solutions, ink supply methods, ink configurations, snap-on platens and the ability to combine screen and digital technology with the hybrid system, “Screen & Digital Mix”. This means that TexJet echo² can function as a personalized machine based on each customer’s preference to best fit their business needs.