New products from TTS at FESPA

WEB_Beursstand TTS op FESPA 2018Texo Trade Services (TTS) will be showing new and innovative products at FESPA Global Print Expo. On show will be the Display Stretch 240, Lightbox Venus and Polaris, sublimation paper, and protective paper for calenders.

Display Stretch 240

Display Stretch 240 is a new, very densely knitted display textile of 240 gsm with 5% stretch for pop-up (spider) walls and textile tensioning frames. The material can be hung on the frame straight from the box. It is suitable for premium displays where the frame’s cross-brace must not be visible through the cloth. This is frequently a problem with normal display cloth. Display Stretch 240 is 100% crease-resistant. It is very densely woven with a fine yarn (83 Dtex), making it virtually opaque. Another result of using the fine yarn is that the colours are much more intense.

WEB_TTS Lightbox Venus and Polaris_shop interiorLightbox Venus and Polaris

Lightbox Venus is a woven textile with a flexible and highly crease-resistant PU coating. Using sublimation, you can transfer directly on the textile side and, using UV/Solvent/Latex on the coated side for intense colours. This product is available in widths of 252, 320 and 505 cm.
TTS has further developed Venus and created a separate version for UV inks and sublimation transfer. This new version is called Polaris and is available in 320 and 505 cm widths. It does not have a direct disperse finish on the polyester side, only a coating on the UV print side. This makes it less prone to stress whitening.

Sublimation paper

TTS offers to manufacturers in the industrial fashion and interior design branch 45 g/m2 sublimation transfer paper. This paper is fully coated and gives an optimal transfer yield. It is suited to large volumes: the product is available in roll widths of 162 and 320 cm, in rolls of 500, 2,500 or 9,000 linear metres. Especially for the fashion market TTS’s range includes a lightly coated sublimation transfer paper of 55 g/m2. This transfer paper was developed by TTS itself. TTS has the facilities to convert this paper into any desired roll length.

Protective paper for calenders

TTS specializes in protective paper that is suitable for any calender. A new feature is the 32 gram protective paper (PPX) with a silicone release coating on both sides. With an low air porosity, it offers your calender belt 100% protection. At the same time, it prevents coated textiles from adhering to the paper. The protective paper is available in rolls of 320 cm and 160 cm.