New single-component ink

© Marabu
© Marabu

Mara Tech MGO from printing ink manufacturer Marabu is a new, single-component product for screen and pad printing on glass and metal. “In contrast to two-component ink systems, there is no need to add a hardener. As a result, fewer errors are made when mixing the ink, the printing process is more reliable, and there are fewer customer complaints”, says Markus Rodrigo, Product Manager for Screen and Pad Printing at Marabu. The process is more user-friendly and consistent (no need to mix the ink, no pot life), facilitating stable and profitable production.

Broad range of glass and metal applications

The product had a broad range of applications, it is equally suitable for screen and pad printing, and for both first and second surfaces, such as container glass, flat glass, ceramics, and metals requiring high chemical and mechanical resistance. In particular, the inks are universally suitable for personal care products (such as perfume bottles, jars for creams, lids and caps) and in the food-service industry (drinking glasses, bottles, ashtrays). Other possible substrates include glass for furniture, touch panels and stainless steel panels.

Free from BPA

Demand for inks that are free from bisphenol A (BPA) continues to grow. In addition to its BPA-free formula, Mara Tech MGO is scratchresistant, rub-resistant, and ensures excellent adhesion. It is suitable for sensible products such as babies’ bottles and medical devices.

The ink is available in a total of 17 basic shades, opaque white, opaque black and a varnish. All colours can be intermixed. For screen printing tasks Mara Tech MGO can be employed with all commercially available fabrics and solvent-proof stencils. For pad printing, all commonly used clichés in ceramic, photopolymer, or thin and hardened steel are suitable.