New FlexCure products

International Coatings FlexCure
International Coatings FlexCure. Photo International Coatings

International Coatings recently expanded its portfolio of plastisol inks to include FlexCure products, these inks feature a ‘flexible’ curing range, from a low 275°F (135°C) to a standard 325°F (163°C).

The rise in popularity of synthetic, polyester and performance fabrics has challenged printers in a couple of ways. Many synthetic fabrics contain temperature-reactive dyes that gas off and migrate well below the typical cure temperature of plastisol inks (320°F (160°C)). Many synthetic fabrics also shrink or melt when cured at standard curing temperatures. Lower curing temperatures mitigate these dye migration and heat-sensitivity issues.

Rather than create a separate line of low-cure inks, International Coatings expanded the curing range of many of its existing inks. This gives printers the option to select the cure temperatures that work best for them. A flexible cure range eliminates the need to stock separate lines of ink for low-cure and standard-cure production runs – a bonus to the bottom line.

Printers can use FlexCure inks to cure at temperatures as low as 275°F (135°C) when needed, and for other jobs calling for regular cure temperatures. FlexCure inks are compatible with International Coatings’ existing plastisol inks, including special effects inks. The inks are tested and verified.