DTF print
Azon Prima+ Neon X Epson by Azon entails a completely modified printer. Photo: Azonprinter.

Azon Primo + Neon X is the latest DTF printing solution from Azonprinter.

The Primo system represents a completely maintenance free system. You do not have to shake the cartridges in the morning as Azon now has ink tanks of 750 ml with ink tank agitation of the white ink including recirculation. The ink is circulating automatically. It is enough to plug in the machine and it does all the work by itself.

The printer has three options: CMYK + White (eight channels available from February 2023), CMYK + White ( eight channels) + two neon colors ( neon yellow and neon magenta) and CMYK + White (ten channels) + four neon colors (neon yellow, neon magenta, neon orange and neon green).

Powder shaker

The printer is working well with the Azon Powder Shaker Visio, which is assembled in Croatia. The Visio Powder Shaker is highly adaptive and can work with any other DTF printer manufacturing brands. The Powder Shaker is equipped with a Hepa fume extractor, so there is no odour coming out, providing you with a safe environment to work in.