LaserDraw Software

Franz Hagemann GmbH & Co. KG launches a new software especially for laser applications: LaserDraw. It is clearly organised and easy to use. Following the company, it has much more capabilities than a common graphic design software for creating letterings or engraving materials with laser.

LaserDraw, a new creation and design software, has especially been developed for laser applications and is equipped with plenty of practical tools. Workflows during photo transformation as well as editing of batches and stamps can be automated and optimised, graphics and texts can be defined. LaserDraw is distributed by Franz Hagemann GmbH & Co. KG.

The laser expert has acquired his know-how through longstanding experiences in developing their software with a Canadian software company that is specialized in advertisement technique and digital printing.  The result is now available in the market.

LaserDraw and CorelDraw

„The software works on any commercial PC. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Sp3, Vista and Win 7 and can be used with any brand of laser“, comments the managing director of Hagemann, Torsten Herbst. „What CorelDraw & Co. are not able to do, and needs special software, is perfectly possible with LaserDraw“, underlines Torsten Herbst and he refers to the transformation of photo data into laser engraving files.

„All usual file formats can be used. In order to optimize the quality, our software prompts to enter the desired laser material and consider its characteristics when creating the engraving file“, he explains further. The big plus: CorelDraw and LaserDraw are compatible, so that even complete layouts and graphics can be shared.


The LaserDraw software costs 395 Euro. Who is already working with the Photograf software from Hageman, can exchange it until May 31, 2011 for the new LaserDraw Version 8.0 and pays only a reduced price of 275 Euro.