Collaboration Kornit Digital and ColorGate

Kornit DigitalKornit Digital and ColorGate Digital Output Solutions GmbH will be collaborating to take their industrial and professional solutions to the next level. The collaboration marks another important step in Kornit’s efforts to surround its textile printing systems with an ecosystem of workflow and job management solutions. The complete solution will be available as of Quarter four 2017.

The ColorGate Textile Productionserver (TPS) will be tailored to the Kornit settings and subsequently added to the Kornit offering. This way customers will gain both an outstanding print output and an optimized workflow experience. Technical support and training will be delivered by Kornit, with the ColorGate support available at the back end.

Enhancing the workflow will improve print quality while making the process easier and more efficient – a necessity for high-end customers, who deal with a highly demanding market. ColorGate has a solid reputation in commercial and industrial print and was researching how to further expand into the direct-to-garment market. Simultaneously, technology market leader Kornit Digital was seeking a technical partnership to optimize the RIP branch of its solution.