WEB_eurolaserAt FESPA Global Print Expo Eurolaser will show how to cut printed large areas made of textile, acrylic and plastic materials quickly and efficiently.

On show will be the L-1200 and M-800 laser systems. These systems have several efficiency-enhancing additional components such as a conveyor for the automatic and exact material supply from the roll as well as the automatic shuttle table system (STA) for overlapping assembly, processing and unloading. Eurolaser offer processing tables of up to 3.20 meters in width and length as well as additional modules for multicolour direct printing, labelling and engraving for parallel use. The live demonstration of the two laser cutting systems will include the processing of textile, Crylux and Forex plates by considering engraving, labelling and optical recognition via fiducial marks.

Laser system for many materials

Eurolaser laser systems are fundamentally built as modular construction and will be individually configured for customers in Eurolaser’s application centre. The systems can process a variety of non-metals, such as plastics, foams, textiles, adhesive foils and woods.

Eurolaser guarantees reliability and extreme longevity for the user. The company offers support, the supply of high-quality materials and components as well as the ongoing option for extensions. The Eurolaser-Academy offers all necessary user seminars for system customers for an efficient and device-sparing operation and maintenance on-site. Besides, there are user tips, further developments and new problem solutions that help to optimise or extend the manufacturing processes.