Epilog Laser recently celebrated the company’s 30th anniversary at Denver’s Mile High Station, USA, following the company’s two-day North American Sales Meeting.EPILOG 30th Anniversary (118)

“The anniversary party was a huge success,” said Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog, as well as one of the company’s founders. “To see so many familiar faces from the past three decades was simply incredible. I am so grateful to everyone – our employees, distributors, and our industry partners – who were able to come and help us celebrate this important milestone.”

Epilog Laser got its start in 1988 when two Georgia Tech buddies – Steve Garnier and John Doran, Epilog’s president and CEO and vice president of engineering, respectively – combined their talents to create the industry’s first small-format, computer-controlled laser engraving and cutting system. Dean came on board not long after and the trio worked tirelessly to become game-changers in the laser engraving space.

“One of the things Epilog prides itself on is our sense of family and community,” Dean said. “It was heartwarming to look out into a crowd of more than 300 people and feel like we were all surrounded by family. We can’t wait to see what the next 30 years have in store.”EPILOG 30th Anniversary (90)

In issue three (11 September) we look back on the thirty years of existence with Mike Dean and Emma Oltmans, Marketing Manager EMEA.