Madeira Garnfabrik´s E-ZEE

If you want to achieve high quality results in embroidery, you need to use high quality embroidery threads. Madeira offers a very comprehensive range of high quality embroidery threads in many different weights.

Embroideries cannot only look beautiful – they have to remain beautiful. The trend is more and more toward customizing T-shirts and polo shirts through embroidery. Because of their stretchability and texture, knitted fabrics are a true challenge if you have to embroider fine details and very small lettering. To support embroiderers in this difficult job, Madeira offers a very large range of backings and films – the E-ZEE product line.

Now new in the range: E-ZEE Weblon, a soft, textured cut away backing. Available in white and black. Although knitted fabrics can be embroidered with normal backings, tear away backings often will ruin the clean embroidery effect achieved. The best thing to do is to use a backing like Weblon that you can neatly cut out around the embroidery. Weblon will keep its stabilizing property even after washing.

Weblon will barely show through thin, light-coloured shirts. Weblon´s melting point is 260°C. This makes it ideal if you have to combine embroidery and transfer print. Common cotton shirts and backing won´t melt in the heat press when the recommended temperature is used. Weblon´s stabilizing property will be further ensured after such production process. Weblon is available in the pre-cut size 20x20cm, in packs of 250 pieces, or on rolls of 50x45m.

E-ZEE squares
Madeira has launched another type – E-ZEE squares – of standard backing made of 100% viscose, in the weight 40g/m2. A tear away backing available in the pre-cut size 20cm x 20cm. Because it is an all-purpose backing, Madeira offers convenient boxes  of 1000 pieces.

For all those who produce safety clothing: which flame-retardant stabilizator to use? The E-ZEE Fire-Fighter is a special fabric made of 100% Aramid, the perfect complement to the FIRE-FIGHTER  embroidery thread made of 100% Aramid.

E-ZEE Heat Seal is an adhesive film to permanently bond all kinds of patches to a garment or other fabric. Available in two versions: an iron-on version and a heat press version.