Madeira – more than just threads

For the Munich Fabric start, the Madeira team prepared again lots of new and modern examples to demonstrate the endless possibilities with embroidery and special effect threads.

According to Madeira, design and fashion customers experience quite often that their creative ideas are realized completely different than expected. The key is to find the right planning and production partners, starting with the Puncher.

Important is as well to use the right thread-mix, stitch types and techniques which fit to the ground fabric. In many cases, also the backing material which stabilizes  the embroidery, can be improved. Finally of course it needs the right embroidery partners who follow customers thread instructions and who care about the embroidery quality.

Shrink, fading colours, distorted or puckering embroideries can be avoided. The Madeira Team is looking forward to inform customers about all these details!

Highlights of the season are the fluorescent shades from Madeira’s matt polyester thread Frosted Matt. Neon colours seem very important if used as accents in embroidery or decorative seams.

Very important is as well a craftsmanship look  to bring an individual effect  and more value  to the collections. Details made from the wool-like Burmilana, the variegated shades from viscose Classic or the metalized effect threads FS make this look perfect , says Madeira.