M&R’s i-Prep pretreatment system

M&R announces the addition of the new i-Prep to its line of direct-to-garment products. This system automatically pre-treats black and colored garments for direct-to-garment digital printing.

Proper pre-treatment is essential for garment-to-garment print consistency, and pre-treating black and dark garments prior to printing ensures the most accurate and vibrant images possible.

i-Prep is designed to maximize print consistency, minimize overspray and eliminate guesswork from the pre-treatment process. i-Prep’s consistent application of pretreatment solution can reduce overall consumption and decrease costs up to a third, says M&R.


Coverage area
i-Prep improves productivity by delivering full-front coverage in 7 to 10 seconds. The coverage area and pre-treatment dosage is controlled by simple air pressure and pallet speed adjustments. With i-Prep, pretreatment can be applied as the pallet enters the spray chamber, as the pallet exits the spray chamber, or it can be applied as the pallet moves in both directions.


The spray nozzle can be adjusted up and down and side to side to achieve the optimal spray pattern. Spray-start and spray-stop positions are managed by an easily adjustable PLC controller. According to the manufacturer the pre-treatment system is ideal for M&R’s i-Dot digital textile printers.


i-Dot 2100

Recently the i-Dot 2100 is introduced to the i-Dot line of digital textile printers. i-Dot  2100 produces exceptional results on white and light garments at print speeds up to 35% faster than other digital textile printers. That’s partly due to the fact that i-Dot 2100’s included i-Pak Bulk Ink System supports a dual CMYK print engine that increases print speed while reducing ink costs, says M&R.


Since M&R’s proprietary i-Color RIP software reproduces most graphic files with no preparation, operators can quickly load and print image files. In addition to the included computer and workstation and the i-Pak Bulk Ink System, i-Dot 2100’s startup kit includes 8 i-Clean cartridges for printhead flushing. i-Dot comes with a 36×52 cm (14″x 20.5″) pallet but can print images up to 41×51 cm (16″x20″) on 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton blend and some polyester fabrics.