Kornit’s developments

“We want to approach the low-end market with the new Breeze 921 printer”, said Yael Cooper, MarCom Manager at Kornit Digital. This industrial direct-on-garment digital printer is designed to allow garment decorators to use high-end technology at entry-level costs.

Cooper stated that Kornit has put all their knowledge into the quality of this machine. The Kornit Breeze 921 is capable of handling a large variety of textile applications and finished garments.
An automatic Pre-Treatment system is integrated into the machine. Cooper: “This new digital printer is the best option for new or expanding businesses entering the digital garment printing market.

Paradigm 933
Also an interesting new machine is the Paradigm 933. This is a digital add-on station for screen printing carousels that enables screen printers to combine traditional screen printing methods with digital printing techniques and create innovative printing applications.

Kornit Paradigm 933 is compatible to both manual and automatic screen printing carousels and is capable of producing a variety of combined digital and screen applications. According to Cooper this printer is the best solution for garment decorators and screen printers looking to adapt to the growing needs of the fashion industry.

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