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Follow the evolution of trends at Messe Frankfurt France’s digital platform. Photo: Messe Frankfurt France

Exhibitors from Messe Frankfurt France have joined the digital platform of Texworld Evolution Paris. This digital tool developed in partnership with Foursource was designed to meet the expectations and needs of all professionals in the fashion industry. The digital platform is to be found on the Texworld Paris website and on the Apparel Sourcing Paris website.

Since September 1st, exhibitors of Texworld Evolution Paris, the new Messe Frankfurt France banner for the fashion industry, can present their collections and know-how to international buyers through a complete digital networking solution: virtual showroom, matchmaking function, definition of needs, etc.

The platform has been built according to the nomenclature of the Messe Frankfurt France trade shows: it includes the usual product groups, national pavilions, itineraries (eco, small quantities, handmade), and the variety of additional services that suppliers can offer. Buyers also have a specific space to define their requests and build up their collection based on filter criteria designed for the textile world: country, minimum quantities, type of service, certificates, etc.

Connect now to the important and influential textile nations

The major textile manufacturing and production countries have chosen to embark on the platform this summer. Manufacturers of clothing textiles, accessories can thus prepare with their buyers the Autumn-Winter 2021 collections and stay connected in order to detect potential leads. While anticipating the upcoming physical show in February 2021.

For the apparel industry, companies Bangladesh, Cambodia, China and India will present their production capacity and know-how for the creation of fashion clothing and accessories, which will be featured at the next edition (February 1-4, 2021) of Apparel Sourcing, Leatherworld, Shawls&Scarves and Tewxorld Denim Paris.

On the fabric side, exhibitors from Texworld Paris will also be present with the announced participation of China, South Korea, India, Pakistan and Turkey. A first wave of quality fuelled, in particular, by the show’s Elite sector, a guarantee of performance in terms of quality, competitiveness, responsiveness and services for international fashion brands.

As a complementary tool to the physical trade shows, which remain indispensable places of exchange, the Messe Frankfurt France platform allows professionals, buyers and manufacturers, to follow the evolution of trends and develop their collections between two editions. Especially this year when the September issue has been cancelled due to the health context.

The platform is offered exclusively and for a renewable period of six months to exhibitors at the February edition of Texworld Evolution Paris. With more than 15,000 visitors from the Messe Frankfurt France trade shows and the 15,000 professionals already listed on the Foursource online sourcing platform, all textile and clothing professionals can already take advantage of this tool.