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New promotional products handbook

The new 160-page book is a compilation of knowledge for anyone involved in the promotional products industry. Photo: PPP.

The Promotional Products Professionals (PPP) industry association in the Netherlands has released the promotional products handbook.

In the dynamic landscape of promotional products and services, new challenges arise daily for manufacturers, importers, distributors, consultants, and agencies. This prompted the Dutch industry association PPP to consolidate all knowledge in the field into one handbook. The handbook has been compiled by a team of peers with extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

Role and significance of promotional products

The handbook covers the role and significance of promotional products, also in relation to marketing campaigns. From promotional products to corporate or holiday gifts, giveaways, and premiums. Additionally, it describes the supply chain and the roles and responsibilities of the various players in the chain, from producer to recipient.

Important themes such as social and product compliance, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility are also extensively discussed. The book also delves into the various steps in the printing process, such as prepress and printing techniques. Moreover, physical samples of all common printing and stamping techniques, such as screen printing, doming, and foil stamping, are included in the folder. Important matters related to the delivery of promotional products, such as transportation, insurance, finances, terms, and (tax) regulations, are also clearly described.

The educational material is widely applicable for anyone working in the promotional products industry, from young professionals to experienced peers. Thus, the book serves as an ideal tool for transferring knowledge during the onboarding process of new colleagues, but it is also a useful reference work for seasoned industry professionals. Furthermore, the book is suitable as teaching material in educational institutions, thereby improving the quality of education in the field and raising awareness.

Further professionalization

“Our members expressed the need for a handbook that provides a clear and concise description of the complex matters in our industry,” says Joop van Veelen, chairman of PPP. “The handbook perfectly aligns with PPP’s path towards further professionalization of our industry. An important aspect of this is the accreditation of our members to carry the PPP quality mark. PPP members must demonstrate professionalism and meet the pillars of commitment to the industry, knowledge and expertise, sustainability, and social business. The handbook is a very welcome tool that helps our members address the complex challenges our industry faces. As a result, PPP members are even better equipped to assist clients as true expert advisors, setting themselves apart in the market.”

PPP is already in discussions with various fellow industry associations in Europe about the possibility of adapting the book and making it available in other countries.