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Decorating mugs never easier

Providing a mug with a high-quality image is a time-consuming and precise process. At the recent FESPA 2017 in Hamburg, Technotape International introduced TURBO wrapper which provides a high-quality image on mugs in less than 10 seconds.

‘Mismatching’ avoidedTechnotape

The decoration of mugs is a branch of the business of personalization that has been steadily growing over the last decade, with personalized coffee mugs being a huge success in all sorts of sectors. But for the decorator, preparing the mug before it goes into the oven is very labour-intensive. Also, any ‘mismatching’ of the transfer paper and the mug results in a lot of waste, the loss of valuable time and, not in the least, money. The new TURBO wrapper redefines every step of mug production, using two separate parts for wrapping: a wrap with stainless-steel rods and a stainless-steel clamp. Visitors at the Technotape stand, who were familiar with the clumsiness of mug-wrapping, were amazed by how it took less than 10 seconds to wrap a mug with perfection.

Technotape2 jpgNo training requiredTechnotape3 jpg

The TURBO wrapper will not only increase its user’s production efficiency, it will also reduce costs. Requiring no tape, which eliminates the possibility of ‘mismatching’, the wrapping process is completed in a single fluid motion and requires no training or exceptional physical strength. The wrapper uses a double camshaft system. The first cam will pre-stretch the wrap and position the transfer paper to the mug body. The second cam then closes the wrap around the mug body. Aligning the transfer paper is done by placing the paper within adjustable brass pins, made to fit various paper dimensions. The whole process is also durable, since the stainless-steel clamps will last a lifetime. The economically priced wraps are easily replaced when they are worn out.