New Melco EMT16plus

Melco has introduced the Melco EMT16plus, the second generation of its embroidery machine. With better reliability, increased productivity, better stitch quality and an increased storage capacity for designs, this new modular system is definitely more flexible.

Modular systemsMelco1 (2)

More than 15 years ago Melco introduced its  modular embroidery system. Just as on a traditional multi-head machine, you can load, position and colourize a design simultaneously on all machines. However, an important difference with a modular system is that each head works independently. This means that down time in your production is reduced to a minimum. As soon as one machine is ready, it can begin producing, while the others are being set up.

Furthermore, when a hoop, thread or bobbin has to be changed, or when a thread break occurs, only that one machine stops, while the others continue to run. With single head machines, it is also possible to run at much higher speeds of up to 1500 stitches per minute (1300 on caps). And, as opposed to traditional multi-head machines, in a modular system only one hoop has to be moved. This is much lighter and can thus be done much faster.

Melco2Productive, flexible and user-friendly

The Melco EMT16plus embroidery machine is improved in almost all aspects, with 16 times more processing power than its predecessor, and newer and faster electronics. It comes with the automatic thread tension system Acti-Feed, along with the smallest lower arm in the world, the largest cap sew field, and laser positioning, which allows you to turn, move and even scale a design on the machine with incredible precision.

The modular system creates more flexibility, since at any point in time you can remove one machine from your production to do small orders or sampling. The machine also makes small jobs financially interesting, because it’s not only easy and efficient to handle, but also has integrated barcode functionality.