Texo Trade Services at FESPA

TTS (Texo Trade Services) will demonstrate its many products in transfer print media and printable textiles at FESPA 2017 .

Transfer printing a better solution than direct printing

Up until now, direct printing was thought to be the best solution for printing textiles for visual communication, such as outdoor banners, textiles for stand construction, and for furnishings of shops and offices. The reason for this was because sublimation transfer printing was expensive and complicated, especially at 320 cm wide. But as a result of several recent factors, companies can now see that transfer printing is a better solution than direct printing. The price of transfer paper has decreased, the knowledge and experience of its use has increased, and last but not least, major printer manufacturers have been producing 320-cm wide machines for using transfer paper since this year.

TTS (2)With transfer printing no risk of the ink rubbing off

One great advantage of transfer printing is that the textile does not need to be pre-treated, making it less likely to crease and giving it a softer touch. In comparison to direct printing, transfer colours are bolder and sharper. Also, there is no risk of the ink rubbing off, something which is especially important with upholstery materials. Furthermore, transfer printing does not have the problem that direct printing does, whereby the ink can run with outdoor use, when ink residues remain in the textile after fixing. TTS will display, among other things at FESPA, the SX20HS-EC transfer paper, which has been tested on the new generation of production printers. It is a very stable, fast-drying paper.

Evolution and DPR foil for digital transfers

In addition to the transfer paper, TTS will be spotlighting a new textile called Evolution and its HCS100/2-DPR transfer foil. Evolution is a highly innovative, non-woven textile of 140g/m2 with a white, opaque coating, making it very easy to print with UV, Eco-Solvent and latex. It is also special in that it can be attached directly using Velcro, because its reverse side functions just like the soft side of Velcro. The HCS100/2-DPR transfer foil is intended for the creation of digital transfers, whereby the colours are applied using a laser. The transfer is created by printing a white backing and adhesive by a screen printing process. The combination of digital and screen printing makes it possible to produce high-quality, full colour transfers quickly and efficiently. The 100-micron transfer foil is matt on both sides, so that it lies perfectly flat. It is given an anti-static treatment, making for easy processing, even when using granular adhesives. TTS will demonstrate countless printable textiles, foils for screen printing, and sublimation and protective paper at FESPA.