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Be ParT of it: Poli-Tape at FESPA

Poli-Tape at FESPA. Picture: Poli-Tape

Poli-Tape will introduce new innovative products on the newly designed booth D35 in hall A6 at FESPA. The company will especially focus on the expansion of the Poli-Flex Turbo range and the Poli-Flex Image range will be extended with new reflective films.

The new Poli-Flex Turbo range generation of textile transfer films can be transferred quick and at a low temperature due to the newly developed Hot Melt. With a transfer temperature of 130° and a transfer time of only 5 seconds, these transfer films are very popular. The range will be expanded with five new bright colours, so that Poli-Flex Turbo range will offer over 40 colours in total. In addition, the Poli-Flex Image range which offers various effect films will be extended with new reflective films. The subject of „Safety in the dark“ becomes more significant with this new generation of Reflex films.

Two new Etched glass films in silver and gold colours in the product range of Sign & Digital will be shown. Both polymeric etched gass films (80 μm) with a frosty effect surface are coated with a special water based acrylic adhesive to avoid a silvering effect. They are suitable for mid to long term bonding onto glass, mirrors and transparent synthetic plates to attain a sandblast or frosty effect which makes these films very interesting for exterior design and glass facades.

UV ink printing

Poli-Tape have developed two new products to enable media to be printed with UV inks. The composition of different UV inks is very individual, whereas the surface of the printed media has nothing to do with the original properties. Many application tapes or laminates do not adhere to the UV inks and a so called „push off“ effect occurs. Poli-Lux 770 UV has been especially developed to prevent this negative performance of any white gaps or air bubbles (silvering effect). An extra thick and specific formulated adhesive layer with optimal tack ensures that Poli-LUX 770 UV adapts the unevenness of the UV inks as no other laminate does and protects the print from exterior influences and has a classy gloss finish.

Five new bright colours in the Poli-Flex Turbo range. Picture: Poli-Tape

The new application tape Poli-Tape 162 UV will be introduced as well in addition to the UV laminate. Just like the UV laminate film, Poli-Tape 162 UV prevents any kind of rejection and has a steady tack on all UV printed media. Due to the higher adhesive layer, the application tape is suitalbe for stronger structured surfaces such as floor graphics, interior design, wallpaper etc.

The company offers an all-round carefree package not only for all UV applications and users but has always the adequate product for many media and application fields in its portfolio – true to the corporate slogan “The solution you need”.