TexJet shortee
TexJet shortee² :the new “power baby” of the TexJet series family. Photo: Polyprint

Polyprint participated in FESPA 2019 Global Print Expo for the 14th consecutive year. Polyprint’s booth this year,  right at the entrance of hall A6, welcomed both exhibitors and visitors that were eager to learn about DTG technology and how it can benefit their business.

TexJet DTG printers

Addressed towards start-ups and small businesses ready to scale up, TexJet DTG printers are here to stay. The successor of TexJet echo has rightfully taken its place at the throne of TexJet DTG printers. TexJet echo²,  officially launched in January 2019, shows a positive upward trend due to its captivating features. Good print, ease of use and maintenance, low cost per print and a 3-year limited warranty that ensures the safety of the customer’s investment.

This year Polyprint’s booth also featured the new “power baby” of the TexJet series family. TexJet shortee² made its official debut in the category of entry level dtg printers leaving visitors stunned by its powerful performance despite its compact size. Moreover, it comes with all the fantastic features and improvements that made TexJet echo² stand out since day one, just in a more compact form. Α new DTG printer that is small, affordable and fast which makes it the ideal solution to get started with dtg technology.

Customization options

Following their rebranding in the beginning of the year, Polyprint decided to indicate the plethora of capabilities in printing solutions that they can offer by providing their customers options to select from and customize their TexJet DTG printer based on their business needs. Such options include different ink types, pre-treatment solutions, ink supply methods, ink configurations, snap-on platens and additionally in the case of TexJet echo², the ability to combine screen and digital technology with the hybrid system, “Screen & Digital Mix”. Visitors were able to see live how this combination helps lower ink costs and enables the use of shimmer or other effects.

Polyprint automated pretreatment machine

Stealing the spotlight this year, Polyprint’s prototype automated pretreatment machine was the center of the booth. Based on an innovative technology that provides uniform and accurate spraying while saving on liquid, this pretreatment machine will leave your t-shirts sprayed perfectly for optimum printing results. The machine was officially introduced to the company’s distributors who will actively participate in the finalization of the product with the feedback they have provided . More news on the pretreater to be expected soon.

Wall of inspiration

Polyprint’s booth  featured a specially designed wall of applications, showcasing real customer samples that were produced with TexJet DTG printers. Going beyond t-shirts, each side of the wall contained applications that corresponded with the different business types and categories that customers fall under. Starting from custom made apparel, promotional activities, fashion textile printing, fashion accessories to event planning, visitors were able to relate themselves and grasp the wide range of applications that DTG technology can cover along with the lowest cost per print that TexJet DTG printers offer.

Print-on demand

TexJet DTG printers offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution since printing on demand only what is necessary significantly reduces the amounts of water and energy waste. Polyprint tried to raise awareness of issues related to the environment through a symbolic movement of giving away reusable coffee cups from KeepCup and canvas tote bags. Visitors learned more about how TexJet DTG printers are an eco-conscious solution, received their eco-friendly gifts and joined in the environmental challenge.

Printed samples

Polyprint’s annual tradition of giving away printed samples made its comeback. The designs that pinpointed the print quality of the TexJet DTG printers were flying off the shelves, making the Polyprint team print nonstop. Many people were so satisfied with the samples that they just couldn’t resist revisiting the booth.