A processing machine that is uniquely versatile in its variation possibilities. This modular design principle allows eurolaser to open completely new manufacturing horizons for its customers.

The question is no longer laser or flatbed cutter, but rather: Which two tool modules should I install in parallel to the CO2 laser?

On just one machine512_3in1_GBR

The modular design of the laser systems now makes it possible for the user to utilise up to two mechanical tools parallel to the laser. Customers can avail of the entire high quality tool range produced by Zünd Systemtechnik AG of Switzerland. In addition to milling tools, countless knives and scoring, marking and stamping tools are available. This provides the ideal opportunity to combine the advantages of different processing methods – all on just one machine.

Same user interface

A major benefit is the significant space saving in production halls, as well as a saving in high investment costs. And another aspect should not be overlooked – the machine operator does not have to deal with different processing systems and their software. Everything works through the same user interface.