Azon TexTreat machines

The Azon TexTreat from Azon has been designed to make the job of pre-treating garments for white-ink direct-to garment-printers easier, quicker and more profitable.

One of the unique features of the Azon TexTreat machine is the intuitive touch-screen interface. This interface allows you to easily set all the parameters that control the Azon TexTreat. With a touch of the screen you can change from a full chest width to a left chest or right chest by touching the T-shirt graphic. You can use one of the customisable ‘pre-set’ radio buttons to select a pre-treatment lay-down amount or manually enter a specific value. You can change the spray length by simply pressing the + or – buttons or typing in the desired spray length. You can easily fill, clean or empty the fluid delivery system.

The flexibility of quickly changing the AzonTexTreat settings allows for quick changeovers and simplified use. If you need to do this by hand, this is not economical. It is almost impossible then to consistently get the same spray pattern and fluid lay-down that is important to good quality white-ink digital printing. This is where the Azon TexTreat shows its strength. You will get the same fluid lay-down shirt to shirt allowing you to focus on printing and selling instead of wondering whether or not you have the right amount of fluid deposited on your shirts.