Welcome on a new market

Falk&Ross Group Europe has been on the European market for almost 30 years. The company started its business in Germany and expanded their European position after that. They began trading in the Benelux countries in 2002 by means of acquisition.

Currently, Falk&Ross Group Europe has nine offices across Europe. The company has a large stock of promotional clothing; with more than 3,000 orders a day this really is a must! In its totally automated warehouse there is stock of more than 10 million pieces and 25,000 references. The 225 staff members of the Group are working together in order to give a good service to their clients.

Four years ago Falk&Ross Group Europe moved to a new location with a very modern warehouse, keeping in mind that the existing workspace can be doubled, if necessary, for the future.

The company offers a very good (and necessary) service to their clients. In 2004 they introduced their web shop, where you can not only find all information about their items and can order, but also you can view the current stock levels. The 2010 catalogue has 324 pages filled with articles that can be printed and/or embroidered. The broad range offers a solution for every event: work clothes, gastronomy, company clothes, fitness, golf, promotional basics, and all this in a mix for men, women and children.

Another step forward in the development of the Falk&Ross Group Europe was the introduction of the SG brand, a whole new brand, the ‘house brand’ of the company. This was introduced on 13 January this year.

Particularly distinctive here is that the basic styles for men, women and children are available in all the same colours. Quality and competitive prices are additional assets whereby this brand has quickly established its place on the market.