Vastex launches new website

An all-new website detailing screen printing equipment, accessories and training for screen printers from entry level to professional, has been launched by Vastex International.

The new site addresses the different needs of low- to high-capacity screen printers with dedicated sections on entry level equipment and training and industrial-grade equipment and advanced training, as well as complete shop set-ups for operations producing from dozens to thousands of garments per hour.

Twenty videos answer the questions most commonly asked by screen printers at every level, and demonstrate the easiest, most accurate, and profitable ways to prepare screens, print garments and cure plastisol, water-based and discharge inks.

Detailed descriptions and specifications are provided on the company’s line of screen printing presses, athletic numbering systems, pin registration systems, flash cure units, conveyor dryers, exposing units, drying cabinets, screen wash-out booths, utility carts and storage units.

One hundred PDFs encompass equipment, helpful hints, FAQs, and specialised printing techniques. Also included are case history articles on how actual screen printers have solved printing problems, marketed their businesses and achieved success.

Also covered is the company’s 25-year warranty on all heavy-duty screen printing presses, and 15-year warranty on the electric heaters on conveyor dryers and flash cure units.