Tultex appoints Sales Manager Europe

The Rogue Monk GmbH Dreieich (Frankfurt) appoints Lars Jäger (31) and Christian Thalmann (33) Sales Manager Europe for their brand Tultex.

Tultex – known for fresh fashion, soft-touch fabrics, fine craftsmanship and quality assurance – is distributed throughout Europe. Jäger and Thalmann are experienced insiders in the textile branch as they established and ran the European wholesale system of American Apparel as European Sales Managers before.

Together with Tobias Friedmann, Managing Director Rogue Monk GmbH, and Steven Hoel, Second Managing Director, Jäger and Thalmann will establish the brand in the European markets and expand the brand presence.

“We are looking forward to this new challenge and are sure about the enormous brand potential of Tultex” stated Friedmann. Tultex looks back on more than seven decades of company history in the USA. The Rogue Monk GmbH distributes the textile products of the US company – specialized on T-shirts and sportswear – since 2009 and makes them available for labels as well as for other resellers.