New transfer films

The most recent developed products in the ‘Textile Graphics range’ of Poli-Tape are Poli-Flex Stretch and Ultimate Print Nylon 4035 transfer films.

Poli-Flex Stretch is a high tensile and elastic Polyurethane-film with a matt reflection free surface. It is suitable to transfer onto textiles like cotton, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic. The film is available in the colours 401S White, 402S Black, 404S Green, 406S Royal Blue, 408S Red and 410S Yellow. Washable at 60°C and it can be used for lettering on T-shirts, sport & leisure wear, sport bags and promotional articles.

The second product of Poli-Tape, Ultimate Print Nylon 4035, is a Polyurethane Transfer film (opaque white, 100 μ) with a special heat sealing adhesive for hydrophobic and impregnated nylon textiles. It can be printed with Eco-Solvent and Solvent inks. The film (photo) offers a semi-matt finish and the result is washable at 40°C. Even filigree letters and motives can be cut and weeded after printing without any problem due to the non adhesive PET film liner.