Trade fairs and events

Laser Workshow 2011 at Mallorca

Franz Hagemann invites professionals from the graving, textile and sign industries to participate at the Workshow at Mallorca from September 30th to October 1st. Information and news around laser techniques will be presented here.

It is already the third time that Hagemann invites their customers and interested laser users to the sunny island of Mallorca. On the program of the two days training will be information and training about textile lasers and producing rhinestone templates for textile finishing.

Laser software

The Hagemann staff will reveal tips and tricks around laser technique. This includes the presentation of a new professional software for laser applications, LaserDRAW 8.0 and Pro-Version, which Hagemann developed in cooperation with an IT service company.

During the training Hagemann will demonstrate the tools of the software and show how the laser application can be used with photos. In a subsequent workshop on professional photo graving the participants will have the opportunity to work with LaserDRAW themselves. “Photo data can be easily transformed to laser engravings of highest quality and then applied to light systems”, said Michael Ebel, Sales Manager at Hagemann.


During the seminaries The Hagemann team shows also much more innovations, such as the latest laser bonding products of the brand markSolid. It allows the precise application of black graphics on stainless steel, steel, brass and tin as well as anodised aluminium. “New techniques and processes are shown in the area of coloured glass engraving, which is a growing trend” said Ebel.

The entire program of the trainings is free of costs. The participants will only have to pay for the flight and the hotel that will be offered for the Workshow 2011 at a special price.