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PRINTING United Alliance announced that registration is now open for PRINTING United Expo 2024 where all professionals in the printing and graphic arts community will meet again. The 2024 Expo is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 10-12. This year a host of new programming is planned.

You can explore cutting-edge equipment, innovative solutions, and groundbreaking techniques that are shaping the future of the printing industry. Photo: PRINTING United Expo.

More than 600 exhibitors from around the world have already booked booth space at this year’s Expo, with more than 800 expected as had participated in 2023, which will showcase the latest advancements in printing technology, featuring a wide range of interactive exhibits and demonstrations.


Last year, PRINTING United Expo and Domtar partnered to highlight sustainability. For the program, Domtar committed to planting two trees for everyone who registered to attend the 2023 Expo, which yielded over 60,000 trees being planted! Domtar produced a special video on the tree planting phase as part of the partnership, which can be viewed here. Sustainability continues to be a leading focus in 2024, where the Expo is working in many capacities to be a steward of hosting sustainable events.

“The Expo isn’t just an event; it’s a gateway to innovation, collaboration, and boundless possibilities,” says Mark J. Subers, president, PRINTING United Expo. “Important concepts in printing, such as Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the very latest in market trends, including those looking to get into, and expand, in net-new label and packaging opportunities, and so much more; are all being highlighted at this year’s event.

“As attendees and exhibitors from every corner of the globe converge, the energy is palpable, igniting a collective excitement for the transformative power of print technology. In this dynamic space, connections are forged, ideas are sparked, and the future of printing is shaped. In speaking with our exhibitors and partners, be sure and get ready to experience the extraordinary and embrace the game-changing momentum of PRINTING United Expo – where the world of print comes alive like never before.”

Media coverage, co-located programs, and more
In addition to the exciting interactive features, PRINTING United Expo 2024 will be covered extensively by the Alliance’s media brands and through programs with its powerful media and association partners around the world. You can expect comprehensive coverage of the event, including exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and in-depth analysis of key trends and developments in the printing industry.

“We are committed to providing attendees with unparalleled access to the latest news, insights, and innovations in the printing industry,” continues Subers. “With our industry-leading media brands and global media partners on board, attendees can expect extensive coverage of PRINTING United Expo 2024, ensuring that they stay informed and inspired throughout the event.”

You will have the opportunity to participate in special Women in Print Alliance programming and events, interactive show floor experiences, co-located segment-specific forums, such as the Apparelist Forum, PRINTING United AFTER DARK, and more.

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