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The Textile Research Institute Thüringen-Vogtland e. V. (TITV Greiz) has developed a new seminar concept for manufacturers of safety clothing, their suppliers and laundry service providers. Participants of the technical seminar “Weiß- und Farbmetrik” (White and color metrics receive verifiable knowledge about the EN20471 standard, can measure samples brought to the institute’s own test laboratory and exchange information with well-known speakers and other users.

Sandra Haase.Photo: TITV Greiz

Proof of knowledge of the EN20471 standard

EN ISO 20471 is an internationally recognized standard that defines requirements for highly visible safety clothing for employees in special risk areas. The main criteria are the fluorescent and reflective characteristics as well as the textile-physical properties. In order to safely implement such complex standards as EN 20471, suppliers and manufacturers of safety clothing and laundry services need support in the correct interpretation. The participants of the technical seminar “Weiß- und Farbmetrik“ (White and Color metrics) will receive this support from the accredited testing laboratory of the TITV Greiz – verifiable with a participant certificate.

Measuring your own samples

Manfred Mentges. Photo: TITV Greiz

The participants can also expect a practical part in which they can measure the samples they have brought along themselves. They will not only get to know the relevant measuring instruments, but also prepare the samples themselves for measurement, learn about possible sources of error, measure and evaluate the samples.

Claus-Peter Schweim. Photo: TITV Greiz

Well-known speakers report from the practice

Renowned experts in the application of whiteness and colorimetry will share their wealth of experience with the

seminar participants. Claus-Peter Schweim, Application Technical Advisor for Colorimetry in the fields of light and colour measurement at Konica Minolta  Sensing Europe B.V., will explain the basics of whiteness and colorimetry as well as the requirements of EN 20471 for safety clothing. Manfred Mentges, textile engineer at Sedo Treepoint GmbH, explains the software-supported evaluation of whiteness metric measurements. Sandra Haase, deputy head of the textile-physical department of the accredited testing laboratory in TITV Greiz, explains the provisions of the EN 20471 standard with a focus on textiles as well as colorimetric measurements and whiteness determination.

All other established seminar offers of the TITV Greiz are also available again.