TITV Conference

The TITV Conference with the theme ‘textile micro-systems technique’ will be held on February 25/26 February 2010 for the third time in Greiz, Germany.The conference has become a big draw for many experts from the most varied industries. Textile micro-systems have established themselves during the past years in the textile industry, in medical engineering and the automotive industry as inspiration for new ideas.

The integration of new functions into textiles offers a wide range of possibilities to extend the applications of many products. Actually, flexible active systems are developed for emitting light, conducting, heating and as sensors for sensing physical and chemical properties. The visions extend from textiles OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) up to textile dyestuff solar cells.

The TITV Conference offers, as conference for textile micro-systems, insights into the interdisciplinary technological cooperation of different industries. It is a platform for visions but also for the further development of ideas to products and markets.

Recognised speakers from industry and science will present in Zeulenroda, Germany, innovation and actual application examples for smart textiles and give a view of the future trends and developments with the topics: flexible power supply, connection/contacting of micro components on textiles and products and applications.

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