Stitch Era Universal from Sierra

Stitch Era Universal is an advanced embroidery design program that is free for the end-user. The program is not a test version, does not have any time limit, and can be used to digitise embroidery designs both for personal and commercial use. The designer can produce design files in different embroidery-machine formats available.

The Stitch Era Universal user-interface has the feel of the latest versions of MS Office, including the Application Button and Context Ribbon Bars, which are automatic-switching to the function that the user is running. Just as an example, the Intelligent Object Selection Tool automatically switches when selecting each object: the selection of raster images displays the specific bar for the properties and functions related to raster images, and so does the vector images selection, embroidery objects selection, stitches selection etc.

All required modules are available on the same interface, so it is not necessary to use several applications to process a job that requires changes on images, vectors, objects and embroidery stitches simultaneously. Everything is included in the all-in-one program. Stitch Era Stitch Universal offers Stitch Editing (including pattern recognition and conversion to expanded objects), lettering system (including pre-digitised and TrueType fonts), several modes of auto-digitising (including photo conversion and images to embroidery), and a complete set of design tools (including all manual digitising features).

Stitch Era Universal is a no-risk option. As it is free, no investment in unknown products is required. The program does have some limitations. It requires a permanent Internet connection, the maximum number of stitches per design is 40m000, and the program includes a small panel of advertising.

In the case where any user prefers to work with a system without such limitations, Sierra Technology Group can provide Stitch Era Liberty, a commercial software version that includes a protection key (dongle), and thus permanent Internet connection is not required, it is not limited to 40,000 stitches, and no advertising will be displayed. In addition, it includes many more components and it also supports extra plug-ins and additional components.

Stitch Era Universal is not a basic program; it is indeed an advanced program. To shorten the learning curve, beginners can purchase training materials, or possibly take an on-line course (webinars) – in particular for those users who have never worked with professional systems yet.

If you already have any other embroidery design software, Stitch Era Universal will allow you to add new workstations as needed, improving your designs management. Anyone can have as many embroidery-design workstations as needed. Users could design at work, at home etc.

Get Stitch Era Universal from authorised local dealers. If no dealers are available in your country, you can download an Express version (without the basic tutorial) from the Internet.