Smart fabrics conference

Dr. Uwe Möhring, managing director of the Textile Research Institute Thuringia Vogtland, located in Greiz, Germany (TITV Greiz), will lecture at the Smart Fabrics Conference 2012 on 18 April 2012 in Miami, Florida.

His presentation on “Textile-based and textile-integrated sensors and actuators technologies – a challenge” will shed light on the already existing technologies to integrate sensors and actuators in textiles and will also comment on the challenges involved in their successful implementation. In his lecture, Dr. Möhring will furthermore focus on the interconnection of the relevant components and will also discuss the need for standardizations and tests for e-textiles.

With its participation at IntertechPira’s Smart Fabrics 2012 conference, the TITV Greiz will contribute to a unique event that gathers attendees from around the globe in one place from the fashion, technology, electronics, research, academia, textile and diverse applications communities.

The conference will focus on the evolution of smart fabrics, where the industry stands today, and projected next steps in technology implementation. Attendees will learn about the latest market trends, technological developments, and projections on what the future holds for the smart fabrics industry.