Smallest embroideries

Amann presented at TV TecStyle Visions in Stuttgart its competence and variety of products in the field of embroidery threads. The number of visitors had increased for the fair as well as at the Amann booth.

With the topic “smallest embroideries” Amann met the spirit of the time. Even experienced embroiderers and digitizers were impressed by the embroidery results of Serafil 200/2, which corresponds an embroidery thread ticket of 75 and hence is the world’s finest machine embroidery thread.

Amannn showed the visitors a novelty: with Serafil 200/2 satin stitch letterings with a lettering height of almost three millimeters can be made perfectly.

For niche applications with matt embroideries Sabac was shown. Sabac exists in five tickets which can be embroidered on conventional embroidery machines and in a color range of 500 colors per ticket.