Screen Washout Booths

Vastex International has introduced a new line of screen washout booths to aid in efficient cleaning and reclamation of printing screens.

Available in two sizes, the washout booths are 100 percent stainless steel, with a sturdy stand design that allows for the addition of waste disposal/filtration systems. Both models are available with an optional frosted acrylic back panel to permit the addition of backlighting.


Other options include 7.6 cm wide squeegee shelves, and screen stand-offs. Vastex model VWB-3621 fits screens up to 58.4 x 78.7 cm and measures 91.4 cm wide by 53.3 cm deep. Vastex model VWB-5121 fits one 119.4 x 78.7 cm screen, or two 58.4 x 78.7 cm screens, and measures 129.5 cm wide by 53.3 cm deep.

The units come ready to assemble in a few easy steps, and are small package shippable via DHL, UPS and other carriers.