Screen Printing

D.gen’s SPC system

D.gen has come up with a new technique to improve double-sided printing results using single-sided printing. The SPC (Stylish, Printing, Control) technique can be used on polyester, cotton and silk.

The SPC technique consists of two complementary elements:

• SPL (Stylish Printing Liquid) contains no dyes or pigments. It works as a driver for the other dyes and helps deliver a uniform quantity of ink in order to achieve a consistent intensity.

• SPC Software calculates the correct quantity of SPL necessary to equalise the ink penetration. It is applicable when printing flags and banners but even more significantly in the fashion area of printing scarves and foulards.

Light colours
SPC is fully realised when using light colours. The SPL penetrates into the fabric and as a result allows all the print colours to penetrate more deeply, instead of having only the dark colours going deep into the fabric while the light ones stay on the surface.

Without SPC With SPC