Screen Printing Business Summit

Vastex University organizes a two-day workshop, designed to give screen printers the tools needed to build their business. Instructors Greg Kitson and Charlie Taublieb will focus on the concepts and practices used by the most successful companies in the business.

The Screen Printing Business Summit with Greg Kitson and Charlie Taublieb is held on May 3rd and 4th 2013 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, US.

On day 1 Greg Kitson gives the workshop ‘Give Your Decorated Apparel Business a Tune-Up’. An intensive 6 hour session that will concentrate on providing and discussing management tools that business owners and managers can use to “Tune-Up” their Biz. On day 2 Charlie Taublieb presents ‘Shop tips and tricks for maximum profitability and top quality’. You will spend the day learning the techniques and processes to make your shop a well-oiled production machine.

Screen Printing A-Z

Vastex also organizes a 3-day training program from May 16-18, 2013. This hands-on training by instructor Douglas Grigar is a well rounded class for both newcomers to the industry and experienced screen printers who need more technical training. This class will cover the entire screen printing process from start to finish teaching every student the fundamentals of screen printing that can shave months off of the learning curve and also eliminate traditional start up struggles for newbies. Also covered will be cost saving and troubleshooting techniques that will be essential for all shops.