RTape introduces 485L HotMask

Transferring printed flock films is extremely difficult, because of the highly textured surface of the flock fibers. Standard application tapes used for vinyl graphics, including ultra-high tack tapes, just don’t work. For this very difficult application, RTape introduced its HM485L HotMask.

HM485L HotMask Transfer Tape is designed to transfer printed flock films, such as EcoPrint and FiberPlus. This transparent polyester film is coated with a high tack silicone adhesive and protected with a white embossed polypropylene release liner.

Flock Heat Transfer

According to RTape HM485L exhibits exceptional adhesive properties to transfer printed appliques, including flock graphics with plotter cut copy, script or intricate detail. The clarity of the film aids accurate positioning of printed heat transfer appliques to garments.

HotMask tapes are designed so they do not leave any residue on the printed graphic. The new transfer tapes also work well with all brands and types of print­able flock heat transfer films.