Transprint GmbH, the German licencee of reflectra, is now offering customized transfers, ready to apply. At first glance it might appear just like a regular transfer, however when illuminated reflectra becomes a guaranteed eye-catcher with its sensational reflective, multi coloured and other unique effects.

Fascinating visual effects

This is the chance to step out of the mass: with a unique, surprising message supported by fascinating visual effects, no matter if at day or at night! In addition to the well-established plot- and stitch foil range of reflectra, this option offers a clear advantage: self-plotted, handmade sample and small series production can now be reproduced as a transfer.

Transprint provides an all-round solution for large print runs ensuring the same quality as the sample.The customer can choose between a combination of reflective and non-reflective colours and even partial or full reflective areas within the design, adding the hardly visible reflectra Sensation layer. A wide range of colours including Neon colours and additional special effects like glitter will certainly leave a sensational impression with the viewe

The transfers offer massive potential in garment decoration over many markets, from fashion, promotional, sportswear, workwear up to the hobby & craft market..