Reflective transfer media

TTS has expanded its range with three new reflective materials.

Textile finishing with reflective effects is increasingly popular. However, for the screen printing process there were rather few transfer media with reflective finishes available. TTS offers now three new reflective materials.


HCS100/1-CR (clear reflective) has been developed for screen printed transfers. The film is printed just like a common screen printing transfer with only one or with several colours. The transparent reflective layer, glassperl, releases easily from polyester when transferred with heat and remains visibly on top of the transfer colours. The result is an easily washable transfer with a reflection value of at least 50 cd.lux/m².


HCS100/1-SR (silver reflective) features a covering reflecting silver layer, on which practically only a melt-adhesive is printed. The use of the appropriate adhesive is crucial for crisp edges and printing detailed lettering. Transfers that are printed with HCS100/1-SR film have a minimal reflection value of 350 cd.lux/m².

Both films can be cold-peeled after the heat transfer process. They are available in sheets of 50 x 70 cm (50 sheets per pack).


For digital cutting machines TTS has added HCS100/1-SRC to its range. It is available on rolls of 50 cm x 50 m. The stretchable plotter film is suited for work and sports garments and comply with the reflection values that are necessary for safety garments with the EN471 Class II certificate.