Bonnie Nielsen’s book titled „Punch – Digitizing for Embroidery Design“ is now available in the online shop from Verlagshaus Gruber. In the book the author addresses the design process and creative techniques for embroidery digitizing.

Bonnie´s first book called „Die Kunst des Punchens“, published only in the German language by publisher Gruber, was a big success. This second book “Punch” is being published in Bonnie´s native language which is American-English.

The book explains in depth all aspects of the embroidery design process from the basics to advanced creative embroidery techniques. It is full of practical information and important tips about how to create good quality designs for industrial embroidery machines.

Bonnie Nielsen is an internationally known embroidery designer with more than 25 years of experience in the embroidery industry. She is recognized worldwide for her creative punching skills and is well known for her technical embroidery digitizing articles.