Promodoro’s own size concept

Promodoro heralds the beginning of spring 2011 with fresh colours and their company-own size concept. Queensize and Kingsize now also enables the wearers of larger sizes to step out in a modern and more attractive fit.

The Düsseldorf-based specialists for corporate fashion have treated 12 articles from their wide range of 125 products to this size enhancement. From women’s interlock polos to men’s premium-Ts, QueenSize and KingSize fashion shows that real style and real sizes are not just associated with zero sizes.

Tailor-made to the proportions of each size and skilfully selected from quick turnover products that are also unique articles, these generous products are the fulfilment of the wishes of existing customers. Requests that certain successful top sellers also be included in the range of large sizes have been received over and again in Düsseldorf. They can! As of now stylish women’s and men’s cuts are available in sizes up to 5XL – fit for king and queens.

The colour selection of the spring corporate fashion collection 2011 is also sure to please. This year promodoro is delivering a total of 40 colour tones onto the shelves of discerning retailers, printers and finishers: from light grey and brown tones through baby blue and turquoise blue up to bold wild lime, strong hunting green and the rich aubergine tones of pansy. A colour palette orientated towards the urban wear and sports wear fashion trends, whose spring feeling will inspire resellers as well as end customers. And not least for the reason that 20 of the most popular carry over styles will cause a stir with new colours.