Digital will introduce the new DTG Q-series high-speed Direct To-Garment printers. They will also officially launch the new DTF solutions QO-T and Q1-T. In addition to these new product lines they will showcase workflow solutions for all existing garment decorating technologies. On show will be a new stencil imaging process for screenprinters as well.

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Q Hybrid Series

The Q Hybrid Series are available in two models being the Q1 and Q2. These printers incorporate transfer printing by way of proprietary reverse firmware creating a true hybrid industrial process where seamless direct and transfer prints are produced on a single printing platform. The Q1 is capable of producing up to 50 dark garments and up to 75 light garments per hour. The Q2 model can produce up to 100 dark garments per hour in production mode and up to 185 light shirts and 100 dark shirts per hour

Both models are designed for industrial level printing onto T-Shirts, apparel, sportswear, outdoor wear and other fabric products. The Q Hybrid Series Printers provides the garment decoration sector with the efficiency, versatility, and flexibility needed to instantly scale up production output.

Launch of QO.T and Q1.T Series

QO.T DTF transfer printer in a true desktop format is a real production transfer printer. The printer is generating  16”x 20” transfer sheets in a few minutes with very good colours. You can use the printer for a wide range of fabrics such as 100 % Poly, Cotton, Rayon and even Nylon.

The Q1.T Series Printer DTF roll-to-roll enables you to create fashion on demand.  It offers a DTF roll-to-roll transfer printing system for indirect fabric decoration. It prints transfers onto rolls of translucent PET film before passing through an in-line powder glue station and curing unit. The in-line system prints, polymerises and cures the ink and glue layer ready for heat transfer application onto a broad range of natural and synthetic fabric types including, cottons, Polyesters, Poly-cotton blends, Tri-blends, Spandex and Nylon. The Q1•T Series Printer simplifies the transfer printing process while simultaneously boosting production capacity and application versatility .

New stencil imaging process for screenprinters

The D2M Rapid Screen is an entirely new screen imaging process that was designed to eliminate virtually all of the steps in the screen making process. The new system eliminates any darkroom requirements, film positives, CTS equipment, emulsion coating including the waste of water and time in drying. With the new system any operator can now make screens in three easy steps right at the press.