With the Q1 printer of the Q Hybrid Series for DTG/DTF printing you can print up to 50 dark garments per hour and up to 75 light garments. Photo: Pigment Inc.

Pigment.Inc will exhibit its range of direct to garment hybrid DTG/DTF printers and ancillary equipment through its DTG Digital and PPS Innovations brands at FESPA Global Print Expo, Hall 27, Stand B30.

After the successful launch of the Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF Printers, Pigment.Inc will also preview its latest Innovation the Q1•T Series Direct-to-Film Transfer Printer, an industrial grade dedicated roll-to-roll transfer system for mass production of transfers for the apparel and product decoration sector. Also being exhibited at the event will be the PPS Innovations ancillary equipment for textile pre and post production including the recently launched DTF Kit, The T-Fold and the Pre-T machine.

Pigment.Inc CEO Steve Richardson says, “Both Impression Technology Australia and Pigment.Inc Europe has worked tirelessly to develop and deliver to industry what we believe are truly innovative equipment choices for the garment decoration sector. We work closely with our global distributors to understand what the end user is looking for in equipment performance. Garment decoration businesses are looking to improve production processes whilst tackling a broader range of print applications to expand their print services and with printing systems that are easy to operate, deliver on production speed and are easy to maintain. The Q1 and Q2 Hybrid Series printers are designed to meet this demand with truly versatile DTG and DTF printing capability packed into an industrial build quality that delivers on print speed, reduced maintenance and true print versatility from one printing device. The Q1 and Q2 Hybrid Series enables users to decorate both natural and synthetic materials including T-Shirts, sportswear, caps, bags, leather goods and substrates that in the past could not be decorated with direct DTG printing only. Q Hybrid Series can print both DTG and DTF with the flick of a switch. The Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF printers will impress and surpass the requirements of the most seasoned professional garment decorators and we are excited to showcase our garment print solutions at the upcoming FESPA event in Berlin. Also on display will be our prototype Q1•T Series dedicated roll-to-roll DTF transfer printer. The Q1•T Series is designed for 24/7 operation and perfect for any garment decorator looking to expand and simplify the entire transfer printing process”.

Products on show 

Q1 Q2 Hybrid Series 
The Digital Q Hybrid Series offers you the efficiency, versatility, and flexibility needed to instantly scale up production. As first of its kind, the Q Hybrid Series DTG/DTF incorporates transfer printing by way of proprietary reverse firmware creating a true hybrid industrial process where seamless direct and transfer prints are produced on a single printing platform. The Q1 printer of this series is capable of producing up to 50 dark garments per hour and up to 75 light garments. The Q2 printer can produce up to 100 dark garments per hour in production mode and up to 150 light shirts. Both models are designed for industrial level printing onto T-shirts, apparel, sportswear, outdoor wear and other fabric products.

Q1•T Series 
Q1.T Series is a DTF roll-to-roll transfer printing system for indirect fabric decoration. It prints transfers onto rolls of translucent PET film before passing through an in-line powder glue station and curing unit. The in-line system prints, polymerises and cures the ink and glue layer ready for heat transfer application onto a broad range of natural and synthetic fabric types including, cottons, polyesters, poly-cotton blends, tri-blends, spandex and nylon. The Q1•T Series printer simplifies the transfer printing process while simultaneously boosting production capacity and application versatility. The dimensions of the Q1-T Series measures 1330 mm(W) x 1250 mm (H) x 2100 (L) mm assembled and 770 mm (W) x 1080 mm (H) x 1610 (L) mm unassembled and fits through a standard doorway.

DTF Kit­­­­
The DTF Kit was developed to enable existing DTG users of Epson, Brother and most other brand printers using textile pigmented ink chemistry to print DTF transfers on their existing DTG printer setup. DTF printing offers you the possibility to decorate synthetic fabrics including sportswear and outdoor wear and the ability to embellish difficult surfaces such as caps and bags which can have curves and flaps making it impractical for direct printing.

The DTF Kit consists of a modular heat-controlled platen to reduce ink bleed during film printing, printable transfer sheets, a TPU powder glue for application via a shaker and a PPS Melt Box to cure both the ink layer and powder glue ready for heat transfer onto garments. The heat-controlled platen stabilises the ink during printing, thus reducing colour bleed on the film which in turn improves both image and transfer quality. The TPU powder glue is optimised to reduce static on the printable film ensuring accurate glue to ink adhesion and flexibility in fabric types for transfer decoration. The PPS Melt Cure box is a heat adjustable and timer-controlled unit that cures the printed film and glue prior to pressing. DTG users can also avail of Kodak’s DTF specific ink-set as an option.

T-Fold ­­­­
The portable T-Fold is a bench top all electric driven T-shirt folding and assisted bagging machine designed for the DTG sector and automates the folding of T-shirts and garments. The folding machine takes four seconds to fold and present the shirt ready for bagging which equates to 350 to 550 shirts per hour with one operator, depending on the fold cycle selected. Being all electric the folding machine can be run from a standard wall plug with no compressed air requirements.

The new Pre-T machine, constructed of metal and coated with ACF-50 anti-corrosion film for longevity, is designed for efficient and safe pre-treatment of both small and large volumes of garments prior to digital printing. A spray nozzle system delivers precision surface coating without clogging. The machine is simple to clean and maintain with an integrated semi-automated cleaning function. The unit encapsulates the shirt entirely during pre-treating and leaves no misting of pre-treat in the print room for the benefit of operator safety. You can set the amount of pre-treat required, load the garment into the unit and its ready to operate.