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Dekken Kolibri

To answer to the increasing demand for compact machinery and to become more accessible for small businesses, Dekken has started developing its smallest family member to date: the Kolibri. The Kolibri is a versatile textile folder that stands out due to its small size and high range of control while being 100% electric.

Smallest Dekken family member: Kolibri. Photo Dekken Machinery

Low budget, high-quality

The development of Kolibri was no easy task since the Kolibri is meant for an audience with a tighter budget and Dekken puts a lot of effort into the creation of high-quality machinery.

Therefore new engineering approaches in the design of machinery had to be found to keep the final price of the Kolibri interesting for the customers. The goal was to reduce the production costs by optimizing the overall design, reducing the quality of the components was never an option.

Built into the Kolibri are high-speed Stepper-Motors, steel hinges, an industrial PLC and sturdy folding blades made from aluminum and driven by maintenance-free mechanisms.

The menu on the touch-controlled HMI is kept minimalistic while giving you full control over your folding programs. Create and customize your folding programs, to get the most efficient folds, tailored to you.

Launch at FESPA 2022

The semi-automatic folding function can be switched on or off on the fly for every folding program. The customer chooses which bags he wants to use. The standard bag dimensions allow lots of flexibility while keeping the procurement prices low. Setting up the machine is easy. Unpack it, plug it in and start folding.

The new Kolibri folding machine is planned to be launched at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022.